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What to do when the Office is Closed

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Prescription Refills




Notice of Privacy Practices




If you think you are experiencing a life threatening medical condition call 911 first, then contact Dr. Sorensen.

Our office is open Monday through Thursday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.  

On Weekday Evenings and Fridays Dr. Sorensen is available by phone for urgent medical problems. To reach her call the office number, 650-941-5028, and press "0" when the answering service message begins. The service will take your contact information and Dr. Sorensen will call you back.   

On weekends Dr. Sorensen's call group rotates coverage for urgent medical problems.   Every member of the group is a board certified physician who Dr. Sorensen would trust with her own family's care.   

Dr. Sorensen tries to return calls within 20 minutes. If you do not hear from her, please call back.

Please save non urgent calls such as routine medical questions and lab results for times when the office is open.




Dr. Sorensen reviews every test before it is filed in your chart and will notify you of your results, normal or abnormal, by phone or mail. Please call us if you do not hear from her within 1-2 weeks of your tests.   




You do not need to make an appointment to have a prescription refilled unless you are due for a followup visit.   Just call your pharmacy and we'll take care of the rest.   

We send most prescriptions electronically and encourage pharmacies to use an electronic prescribing system to send refill requests.   When the office is open we review refill requests as they arrive and will respond to your pharmacy immediately, unless we need to talk with you first, in which case we will call you.   We never ignore refill requests, so if your pharmacy tells you we have not responded they have not contacted us.  

Dr. Sorensen reviews weekend electronic refill requests on Saturdays.   If your pharmacy does not use an electronic system we will review faxed weekend requests when the office opens on Monday.    



We administer all routine immunizations.   You do not need an appointment for routine immunizations, but we do suggest calling the day you plan to come in to be sure that Dr. Sorensen will not be out of the office or at the hospital when you arrive.   

If you need immunization for foreign travel please make an appointment to review your itinerary for specialized immunization needs and, for travel to some areas, malaria prevention.   During this visit we will also discuss general heath issues for travelers and make sure that you have enough of your regular medications for your trip.   Ideally this appointment should be at least one month before your departure date.

PPD, the skin test for tuberculosis, requires 2 visits with the nurse, one on Monday to place it   and one on Thursday for interpretation.   The fee includes both visits.



Dr. Sorensen is not a member of any insurance plans or Medicare. Insurance reimbursement varies and we do not have information on individual insurance plan policies.  

We request payment at the time of service in order to save billing costs.   This savings is passed on to you in the form of lower fees.   We do not bill insurance companies but will give you a form with all the information needed to submit your claim to your insurance company.   We take MasterCard and Visa as well as checks and cash.  




Medicare patients are welcome, but Medicare will not pay for Dr. Sorensen's services. Federal law requires that you and Dr. Sorensen sign a contract indicating that you understand this.   Please call us if you have other questions.



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